Universal Studios Hollywood

Our last day in Los Angeles was dedicated to the movies. After checkout we had breakfast in the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood. They serve ridicilously huge breakfast plates. But deeeelicious. And a good start for a long day.

As we still had time, we took the short drive up Griffith Park to the Griffith Observatory. It’s an observatory and planetarium and entrance is free. We were too early, but the views were amazing.

On our drive through the city we found this great sunscreen and a very explicit message to Donald Trump. Pendejo means something like motherf*cker…

Now it’s nearly 9 AM and we are ready for Universal Studios Hollywood (More Info), a theme park where everything is about movies and TV shows. Main attraction is the Studio Tour, where you drive through the backlots and famous movie sets. The rides are mostly 4D cinemas, which means 3D movie plus motion and other effects like steam. Really fun experience and definitely different to other theme parks. It was a really quite day at the park, the maximum wait we had was 20 minutes. We started with the Studio Tour and were through with everything at 3 PM including a lunch break with a crappy $7 hot dog. Our second ride was Jurassic Park, a splash ride and we got soaked. Not the best experience on a cloudy day.

After leaving the park, there is an outdoor mall and we had some food at Wolfgang Puck’s. Wolfgang is an Austrian celebrity chef, which is well known for his gourmet restaurant but now opened a chain with comfort food for moderate prices. The pizza was swimming in oil, but tasty.

After a fun day in the park, we secured tickets für a TV show screening via tvtickets.com. We originally wanted to view The Big Bang Theory, but it was sold out the minute it appeared on the website. So we opted for our second choice: 2 Broke Girls. Tickets are free and filming takes place in the Warner Brothers Studio. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures. We signed in 2 hour before the screening. We were escorted to the studio with around 100 other people and scored seats in the front row. Our host made sure we are in the mood to laugh.

After watching one older episode, the cast appeared briefly and the first scene was shot. It took 3 takes and they changed jokes, we didn’t laugh loud enough. It was interesting to see at first, but it got boring with a lot of breaks and retakes fast. After 4 hours we finally got a crappy sandwich, a breakfast bar and a 200 ml water bottle. And it was freezing cold despite wearing a hoodie and jeans.

After 4 1/2 hours we decided to leave. We first had to argue with the staff, who claimed to have made an announcement about the timing and leaving early is not possible. But that was a blunt lie, so I lied about having to check into our hotel by 10 PM. That made them arrange a page to escort us to the studio exit, but not without looking really pissed at us. I rechecked the conditions on the website and it clearly says 3 to 3 1/2 hours, but not 4 1/2 hours and 2 more scenes to go.

Universal Studios Hollywood was a blast and I would recommend it to everyone visiting Los Angeles. Watching a TV Show screening is super interesting, but stressful. Do it only if you are a huge fan. Our host gave one other guest the speech, after he admitted that he never had an In n Out Burger. So we got one on our drive to Oxnard. They only have Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Fries and Milkshakes and it’s just the best f*cking burger in the world.