Silicon Valley Tour

After our one hour commute through heavy traffic to Stanford University in Silicon Valley, we can understand that people ride the luxury hipster busses. Stanford University’s main campus stretches over an area of 3,3 ha and is beautiful. With a lot of green and history rich buildings everywhere, you could easily imagine yourself taking some courses here.

There are many stories of startups built in garages. The first one was Hewlett Packard and the HP garage is located just outside of Stanford in a residential area. It looks like a normal house, but with tourists taking pictures in front of it.

Our next stop is the Googleplex, the famous colorful and fun office complex of Google. You can just park anywhere on the lot and look around on the campus and become jealous of their outdoor beach volleyball field, the pool, the outdoor gym and the great food they are eating in their outside cafeteria.

Intel has an museum on site, but you should be really interested in computer chips to find that interesting…

On our way to Apple we drove by a massive construction site for Apple’s new spaceship HQ. At the old office, you can’t really see anything, but drive on Infinite Loop.

For Lunch we went to Umami Burger in Palo Alto. Palo Alto is a nice little town in the middle of the Silicon Valley. The burgers were awesome, but we don’t get why Americans always have to top their fries with additional greasy cheese.

On our way “home” to San Francisco we decided to skip the freeway and drive the remaining part of Highway 1 up the coast. In Half Moon Bay we stopped for a quick nap on the beach. I wanted to go for a swim, but the waves were dangerously high and ice cold. So I chickened out of my last chance to swim in the Pacific Ocean on this trip.