One week in San Francisco

In San Francisco we had an Airbnb Apartment booked for one week. It’s an one bedroom just 15 minutes from Downtown. It has a huge patio, a great modern kitchen, a washer & dryer, a small but modern bathroom and parking right below the house. Everything was fresh and clean except for some pizza slices in the oven… A huge Target market and a Trader Joe’s are just 5 minutes walking distance and plenty of restaurants are withing 15 minutes walking. Uber is available in 2-3 minutes all day & night.┬áThere is an emergency room entrance across the street, but we didn’t hear any sirens yet.

After a boozy first evening, we only did some walking around Union Square. We tried to use the glass elevator at the Westin St. Francis hotel up to the 31th floor. Unfortunately you need a card and we couldn’t snitch in, as the security guard already became suspicious. Next time we try looking more confident.

The next day we went for a walk through Golden Gate Park. We saw hippies smoking weed and met some lovely ladies playing a lawn bowling championship. One of them explained it to us, until we were asked to be quite… it’s a really calm game.

The location of San Francisco and the weather is just gorgeous. The city itself is crowded, dirty, difficult to get around and full of homeless people and weed smoking hippies.