Mulholland Drive, Newport Beach and Marina del Ray

Being up early again, we still had 1 hour left to kill before our chosen breakfast diner would open up at 7:30 AM. So we decided to drive along Mulholland Drive, a scenic route with views of the cities and great houses built into the hills. We managed to catch the last parking spot at Runyon Canyon Park, a popular spot for local joggers. Unfortunately we didn’t bring our running gear… But we walked through the park.

After a short stroll through the park, we drove down the hills to 101 Coffee Shop, which let’s you travel in time to the sixties. It’s a classical diner like the ones us Europeans know from the movies. I really like that as soon as you sit down for breakfast, you get a coffee and it is refilled constantly. The classic american breakfast scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown is just delicious and provided fuel for a long day.

After breakfast we hit the freeway south bound. By accident we drove by Disney Music Hall. Pretty impressive.

After about one hour in moderate traffic, passing along artificial city after city with all the same houses, we arrive in the most beautiful place, called Newport Beach. Small houses sitting at the harbour or canals. Boats, Stand up Paddles, Kanoes populate the water. Outside of the bay you have the Pacific Ocean with a lively beach and convenient parking. We rented a jet ski at Balboa Watersports and hit the open water, jumping waves and having a good time.

On our way home, we stopped at another gorgeous harbour, called Marina del Rey.

It’s hard to eat healthy in the US, when a Salad costs you more than a two feet long sandwich.

First contestant of our burger tour through the US… Carl’s Jr. We got a normal cheeseburger, which is about double the size of a McDonald’s cheeseburger and costs just $1.70 including tax…

Thanks to O.C. California we discovered our favorite place Newport Beach. The show was not actually shot there, but it looked really similar.