Hearst Castle Tour

William Randolph Hearst built Hearst Castle on a 51 ha piece of land directly at the Pacific Ocean. The mansion sits on the hilltop with stunning vistas of the mountains and the ocean. He used to invite Hollywood stars and important people like Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Walt Disney and even Winston Churchill to party weekends. They arrived by private train from Los Angeles in San Luis Obispo and were driven to the mansion, which took another 90 minutes. Later they could arrive by plane on the private airstrip.

After about 15 minutes we arrived in front of La Casa Grande, the main building.

On the ground level guests we first taken to the reception room. Drinks were handed out moderately as the prohibition was going on and Hearst only had 10.000 bottles of wine in stock. When everybody settled in, he would make an appearance through his private elevator.

When dinner was ready, guests were taken to the adjacent room. Hearst and his wife would sit in the middle and guests were seated from inside to outside by their importance to Hearst. Guests on the outer seats had to worry about their next invite.

For sport activities there were 2 pools, one indoor pool and the “Roman Pool”. Must have been good times playing around there.

The garden were filled with bright white statues all over and trees with oranges, lemons, grapefruits… Next to the driveway there was still cattle. He used to produce all food on his one premises.