Chinatown San Francisco

San Francisco has the oldest and largest chinese community outside of Asia: Chinatown San Francisco. Centrally located near the Financial District it stretches around 24 square blocks. At the beginning of Grant Avenue you are greeted by the Dragon’s Gate to enter a world of Chinese restaurants, shops, massage parlors and fortune tellers. Chinatown San Francisco is lively during the day, but the lights are great to look at when it’s dark.

We went to Huan’s Home Restaurant, after doing some research on Foursquare. Don’t expect a shiny new restaurant, but the food was just great. And it’s always a good sign when the Chinese also eat there.

We called an Uber Pool to get a few drinks at Smuggler’s Cove, a tip I got personally by Joerg Meyer of the Bar Lion in Hamburg. Uber Pool picks you up at your location and on the way it might pick up another rider. We had a great talk about soccer in the US with our driver and co-rider. Smuggler’s Cove is a small tiki styled bar with 3 levels and it was packed on a tuesday night. They mainly serve strong and tasteful rum drinks. After a few we walked home to happily fall in bed.