Calabasas, Malibu and Greystone Mansion

Again being awake way to early, we drove over to Calabasas, home to many stars and the Kardashians… We had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. Calabasas has a nice old little town center and uncountable gated communities.

After breakfast we took the Canyon Drive to Malibu. Malibu is just a 4 lane highway, residential housing on the coast side, businesses on the mountain side. Must be very loud to live there. There is no way to access the beach other than a few public beach access points.

After a sobering experience of Malibu, we were glad to get to see a real gem in our favourite part of the city: Beverly Hills. Greystone Mansion is a state owned villa which was once built by oil tycoon Edward L Doheny and is now a popular film set. You can enjoy beautiful vistas of Los Angeles.

After three days in Los Angeles we totally understand people willing to live in the Hills or Calabasas just for the privacy and silence. Malibu is only a cool place if you live in a villa at the beach or dine for big bucks in one of the oceanside restaurants.