17 Mile Drive and Monterey

Between Carmel and Monterey there are two of the world’s most prestigious golf courses. You can drive along the 17 Mile Drive for $10. You get fabulous views of the golf courses and the coast. But if you were driving up the Highway 1, it’s not really worth the extra 10 bucks. You can only really see the Spanish Bay Golf Course, but not the more famous Pebble Beach.

But first we walked through Monterey to get our daily omelette at First Awakenings. There are some historic buildings left from the days of the fishing boom.

17 Mile Drive begins as a normal street through a residential area, but with Deer around. After about a mile it becomes a toll road. We did the drive at 9 AM and I think that’s just wonderful, as you get a really calm experience, with not too many other people around.

After around 1 hour on 17 Mile Drive, we headed north to San Francisco via Highway 1. We stopped for crazy cheap deals on fruits at a barn sale and got lunch at Whole Foods. Whole Foods became our go to dealer for everything fresh and healthy. It comes at a price  – $8-10 for a salad – but it is sooo good and something new every day.