Hilton Lake Las Vegas

As we cancelled the night in Yosemite Lodge, we arrived in Vegas one day early. Because of our arrival on Labour Day weekend, there were no more affordable and luxury rooms available in Vegas itself. 20 minutes outside of Vegas is an artificial lake with an Italian village made of hotels and residential housing. One of the hotels is the Hilton Lake Las Vegas.

On arrival we were given an overview of the available rooms. I already chose one via online check in, but changed into a bridge room with lake view. The only downside is a long way from the lobby. We opted against valet parking for $15 and self parked, which only added a 2 minute walk.

The room had a great view of the lake and the village. Unfortunately the window was blocked from opening more than 10 cm. I could have changed it with a letherman or screwdriver, which I didn’t have on hand.

The village offers restaurants and live music at night. For lunch we had a quick salad at a mexican place, which was alright. In the evening we couldn’t find a seat anywhere at around 7 PM without a reservation. In the end we found great seating on the lobby bar patio and had some drinks and bites.

There are two pools. The main pool was packed in the afternoon with loud music, but empty in the morning till 10 AM. The second pool is a natural lagoon style with a beach. The downside: no umbrellas and no shadow at all. But you could put the sun loungers in the water. Unfortunately some moron decided to play with his 2 labradors in this pool the next morning. So we opted for the main pool.

Breakfast didn’t have the largest selection, but the quality was outstanding. From the fresh omelettes over fruits to the Italian Antipasti. And you could sit outside in a beautiful courtyard.