Earn Miles on Miles & More

I started collecting Miles & More in November 2014. My current account balance is around 94k Miles and I didn’t fly Lufthansa Group once this year. I paid 513.09 € for these miles, resulting in a price of 0.55 c/Mile. A Milage Bargain Business Class Flight to the US would cost me ~850€.

How did I do it?

First of all get a Miles & More Credit Card. The sign up bonus for the Business Card Gold varies. The maximum I have seen was 25.000 Miles. You can earn 1 Mile/Euro spent. The card itself is priced at 110 €/year and comes with useful insurances. Another benefit is unlimited milage validity.

Free methods

1) Sign-up for DE Mail | 10.000 Miles
DE Mail is a secure email service by Deutsche Telekom. They offered 10.000 Miles just for signing up and confirming your identity. The offer has expired.

2) Spend on your Miles & More Credit Card | 1 Mile / Euro
You get 1 Mile/Euro spent. Also this Credit Card has a low foreign exchange fee of 1.25%.

3) Refer friend to Miles & More Credit Card | 15.000 Miles
There are always some kind of sign up bonuses for the Miles & More Credit Card. 15.000 Miles was the maximum I have seen so far.

Other free methods include opening up free bank accounts.

Magazine Subscriptions / Membership
I am always on the lookout for Magazine Subscriptions with a ratio up to 1c/Mile. You only have to cancel the subscription on time. Most subscriptions have a black out period after the last one cancelled and some offers can only be used once.

1) Focus | 1 Year | 192.40 € | 15.000 Miles
A littlebit more than 1c/Mile, but now we always have a read in the rest room ;)

2) Welt | 3 Months | 77.70 € | 12.000 Miles
The original price was higher, but you can turn on vacation service right away to receive coupons, which you can sell on ebay.

3) Elle | 1 Year | 74.00 € | 7.400 Miles
And my wife is happy.

4) Asstel Accident Insurance | 1 Year | 58.99 € | 8.000 Miles
One year of accident insurance with a great mileage value. Can only be claimed once.

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