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Condor to Egypt

...with space to stretch out


© by Condor

We flew from Hamburg to Hurghada to stay at Steigenberger Makadi Bay. We eventually switched over to the Kempinski Soma Bay, but that’s another story.

The flight takes 4 1/2 hours and me being 6 ft 2 we opted for exit row seats. On their 757-300 they have 8 good exit row seats. The window exit row seats have a huge portion of the door in their legroom.

On the inbound flight we reserved 11E & 11D, as there are only 2 seats in this row. At check-in we received 11E & 12A but we were able to switch with the guy who got our original seat, despite it being an inferior option.

On our outbound flight we got 40D & 40E. Both options provide more than enough legroom. In total we paid an additional 107.96 EUR for the return flight.

Condor 757-300 Seatmap

Condor 757-300 Seatmap | © Condor

As you can see in this pictures I can stretch out to my whole length. If I had brought an carry-on or my inflatable travel pillow I could have put my feet up. On the return flight I asked the flight attendent if I could put me feet on the crew seats, but my request was denied despite my extra clean feet :D.

Legroom on Condor 757-300 Exit Row

You can see the door reaching into legroom on seat 12A. You still have plenty of space, but have to tilt to the side a little.

Condor 757-300 Exit Row Door

Condor 757-300 Exit Row Door

The only downside of 11E & 11D is the non-existent window. You get a fish-eye view through the mini bull’s eye.

Condor 757-300 Exit Row Window

Condor 757-300 Exit Row Window

You get served a sandwich and coffee for free. Everything else is for sale only. The sandwich is edible, but nothing special. On our outbound flight we ordered a pasta meal, but only took one bite, as it didn’t taste that great.

All in all it was a pleasant flight to the closet sun destination from Germany in January. You notice that it’s a tourist flight. We were delayed about an hour, because of lost or expired passports. And during the flight it felt like in a city tour bus, as the pilot made constant announcements about the landscape below. On our return flight we had a delay of about 3 hours ( not enough for compensation though) and nearly couldn’t land in Hamburg, as the airport closes at 11 PM.

Review overview


Comfortable tourist flight with great & friendly service for a good price.


  • Legroom


  • No Window

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7.5 10 Good